Do’s and Don’ts of Moving a House

Bought a new house? Great!

Nothing in this world can make you happier than shifting to the house of your dreams.


However, moving a house comes with a lot of challenges like buying the right packing supplies, hiring a moving truck and changing your address.

Most of the issues are avoidable if you hire top removalists in Perth. The experts guarantee to offer you a stress-free and sound moving experience.

Apart from that, herein we are sharing a list of do’s and don’ts to consider to make the entire relocation process easy peasy.


1. Seek professional help

What if your favourite cookware set breaks while loading it into the truck? Very disappointing, right?

Also, lifting a couch is not as easy as a walk in the park. Good chances you may get seriously injured.

Consult the top movers and packers in Sydney to reduce such accidents on the big day.

The experts can help you in numerous ways:

  • Use high-quality material to pack all your household stuff
  • Load and unload heavy furniture, electronic and other items
  • Prevent damages to your possessions
  • No risk of moving injuries
  • Save you money and time

2. Pack early

The last thing you may want is to forget to pack your most loved and valuable dresses.

Packing is a long and time-consuming task. So, start packing your stuff a week before the moving day.

Some packing tips to follow are:

  • Gather supplies like moving containers, bubble wrap, tape, packing paper, and moving blankets
  • Pack bedding and pillows in large moving boxes
  • Pack books in small and sturdy moving containers
  • Use wardrobe boxes and garbage bags to pack your clothes
  • Fill the spaces inside the boxes with newspaper and packing peanuts
  • Use plastic wrap to keep furniture doors and drawers closed
  • Wrap furniture items with bubble wrap
  • Use sealable bags to keep various small items together
  • Label all boxes with permanent markers
  • Seal the boxes with strong tape

Packing the whole house can wreak havoc on your overall health. Get in touch with the best removalists on the Gold Coast to make your relocation easy and fun.

3. Look after yourself

Moving house can be stressful even for those who have shifted their house like n times. It can surely be downright challenging for newbies.

Not to mention, it can take a big toll on your physical and mental health.

So, it’s advisable to take good care of yourself and follow a few tips:

  • Dress appropriately as per the weather
  • Avoid wearing anything that comes in your way
  • Stay hydrated
  • Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables
  • Relax and take short naps

Save yourself from relocation headaches by hiring a professional moving company. Visit and talk to specialists.

4. Set basic utilities

Nothing can be more frustrating than spending the first night at your new house without water or electricity if moving in the summer.

Before moving, make sure to install gas, electricity, water, internet, telephone, and other utilities at your new address to avoid any inconvenience.

5. Update address

Inform your bank, post office, electricity department, and other important institutions about your new address.

This will allow them to update their records.

Moreover, you will start receiving all mails, newspapers, letters, bills and postcards at the new address.


1. Lift heavy stuff

It may be tempting to do all the moving chores yourself just to save a few bucks.

But lifting a couch, sofa, refrigerator, and other heavy stuff can be dreadful and you may get injured.

So, avoid lifting anything bulky and heavy.

The best bet is to approach a moving company that has expertise in lifting and loading any household stuff with ease. Visit this website for moving assistance.

2. Pack prohibited items

There is a list of items that you should avoid packing and moving with you.

It includes:

  • Perishable food items like dairy products
  • Hazardous items like chemicals, pesticides, oil and charcoal
  • Plants
  • Flammable and combustible items
  • Car batteries
  • Nail polish remover

3. Pack everything away

Avoid packing your phone charger, gadgets, medicines, important documents, toiletries and anything that you might need during the initial days at your new location.

It can be tough to find your toothbrush in a heap of boxes. So, pack survival kit separately

4. Carry stuff you no longer need

Packing and moving items like damaged toys, broken furniture, outgrown clothes, and old books makes no sense.

This will only increase your moving expenses.

Before moving, donate, sell or give away stuff you no longer need.

In the end…

Apart from the above, there are definitely more points.

Above all, in advance planning, little preparation, and smart choices is a mantra to have a smooth relocation.