6 Expert Tips to Load Stuff into A Moving Vehicle

Moving a house is one of the most arduous and time-consuming tasks. There are a lot of challenges that can frustrate you.  From planning everything to the actual moving and beyond, the platter is full.

Of all, loading the moving truck is no less than a nightmare to many. Moreover, a lack of knowledge and experience can even cause severe harm to you and your belongings.

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Some other tips to load your stuff into the moving truck efficiently and safely are:

1. Seek help from friends

Obviously, it is impossible to load a heavy couch or piano all by yourself into the moving truck.

Doing so can increase the risk of physical injuries. Moreover, there are good chances that your stuff may get damaged in the process.

The best way to prevent any harm to yourself and your stuff is by asking your relatives or friends for their help.

It will be far easier for two or three more persons to load the truck rather than you and your family doing everything on your own.

Still, carrying and loading heavy furniture is not child’s play. Having little to no experience can also injure you and your friends.

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2. Disassemble the furniture

First things first.

Loading an entire bed or dining table can be very tough and they even occupy a lot of space.

So, it is better to disassemble the furniture items like bed frames, tables and desks. It makes the loading process far easier and makes space for other items.

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3. Roll what you can

Rugs and carpets are highly vulnerable to shipping damage.

So, it is a smart idea to roll your rugs, secure them with plastic wrap, tape the ends and lean them against the truck’s wall.

This will save some space and will also prevent any wear and tear. Make sure to clean your rugs before rolling them up.

4. Load largest and heaviest items first

Load the largest and heaviest items like a dining table, refrigerator, bed, sofa, coffee table and other major appliances into your moving vehicle.

This will protect other sensitive items and small boxes from getting crushed or damaged under extreme weight.

Also, place heavy objects on opposite sides and near the front of the truck to balance the vehicle.

Loading and unloading all the stuff single-handedly is not easy. It can pose potential risks to your health. It is advised to hire the best removalists on the Gold Coast to help you load the truck without harming you and your stuff.

5. Place longer items in vertical position

Items like mirrors, headboards, dressing tables and couches take up more space when placed horizontally.

So, it’s better to place such items in a vertical position and against the walls of the truck to make room for other household stuff.

Make sure to use moving blankets or plastic wrap around these items to ensure they remain intact and scratch-free while shifting.

6. Load lightest and smallest items last

Finally, load lightweight and smallest items like moving boxes, paintings and kitchen appliances.

Place them on top of heavy furniture and electronic items to prevent your valuable stuff from breaking into pieces.

The best tip to safeguard your items is by hiring experienced removalists in Perth. They have a team of experienced professionals to arrange each and every item with safety and care.

Bonus tips

  • Fill up empty spaces in the truck with clothes, blankets and towels
  • Distribute the weight of the stuff evenly
  • Use moving ropes and cords to secure the stuff on the truck
  • Use the ramp to load stuff into the truck easily
  • Place your heaviest items towards the front of the vehicle
  • Use furniture padding to protect wood surfaces and corners

In the end….

Following the above-mentioned tips will save you from a lot of stress and ensure your items reach your new place in tip-top condition.

Have a safe move!